In the real world, you could have seen these women and could still see them.

But not on TV. These women are TV outside the box.

Indian Warrior Queens from the 19th Century

Time magazine lists Queen Lakshmibai along with Michelle Obama as one of histories  top 10 badass wives
'On a typical day for the rani (queen) weight-lifting, wrestling and steeple chasing came before breakfast." "She was the chief 19th century vileness, this jezebel rani'" - in the words of British officials

Jhalkakar Bai Queen Lakshmibai's sistah-in-arms

Jhalkakari Bai was the 'double' of Rani Laxmibai of Jhansi, the legendary warrior who fought the invading British army in the first War of Independence. Laxmibai and Jhalkari Bai led the Durga Dal (women's army) recruits to repeatedly foil attacks by the British army. And but for the betrayal by one of Laxmibai's generals, the Jhansi fort would have remained invincible for at least some more time.

Warrior Queens from Now

Ms Anna Chen (British Chinese) writer, broadcaster, journalist, poet, performer, activist “I always seem to end up grappling with issues of politics and identity, subverting stereotypes and poking the status quo with a sharp stick. Comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable is a pretty good rule of thumb to try to live by. I strongly believe that a rising tide floats all boats and that it’s an artist’s duty to make visible the invisible. My role model is Prometheus but I’m not entirely happy with the bit about having your liver pecked out by an eagle every night."

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