Somi sees herself as a brown American actress of Indian origin with a British accent. There were no parts that fit her in the UK, so she had to write her own!

She trained at the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts and has played roles in Oscar nominated Children of Men, 'Best Debut Feature' 2009 East End Film Festival WMD, TV shows such as The Bill, Wire in the Blood and most recently in 2015, a lead role in BBC’s Doctors

Writing, producing since 2008, her first short film Drawn Out, selected on the New Pathways film fund challenge sponsored by Film London, was screened at the BFI and short-listed for an award at Tongues on Fire film festival.

Losing Juanita screened at the Zero Film Festival in NY and LA. Her latest film, 'I Remember, I Remember' screened at the East End Film Festival 2015 with a week-long screening at the Genesis Cinema.

Somi was recently selected to be a part of the Royal Court Writer’s group 2016.

Somi's Films

I Remember I Remember- a film about a world war II disaster of 1943 in the old East End of London that was hushed up by the government. 74 years later there is still no memorial acknowledging what had taken place and those who lost their lives. This film interviews the survivors who were children at the time.  I Remember I Remember has raised around £1000 towards the completion of the long- campaigned for memorial. Screened at East End film festival.

Drawn out- A short fantasy film about a school girl ,oppressed by her over- bearing mother, who finally uses her imagination to become what she wants to be. Sponsored by Film London. Screened at the BFI and nominated for an award at Tongues on Fire Film Festival.

Losing Juanita- a surreal mockumentary about a wannabe actress Juanita who is desperate to get a British accent so she can be taken seriously in Hollywood. Screened at Zero Film Festival

With Someone- Feeling left out on a world of couples, Jonathan finally counts himself lucky as he witnesses his best friend grapple with his desire to be an individual and his need to be with someone.